March 2016

England Fencing
Worcester Fencing is part of the Hereford & Worcester County Fencing Union and is an affiliated member club of the British Fencing Association
Start Fencing

How do I start?
With the help of a coach it is easy to learn the basic skills in small groups. This is a good way to learn or one can progress at one's own pace taking individual lessons off a coach. There are also training days to help improve your skills. Alternatively, short courses can be arranged to meet the demand of various groups.

Am I too young or too old?
You can enjoy fencing at almost any age as a child ( typically 8 to 12), teenager, adult or veteran (40+, 50+ and 60+ categories).
What do I need?
The club has a range of kit for beginners and novices but as you progress towards competitive level fencing you may want to have some of your own. A list of suppliers can be found on the British Fencing website or ask your club coach
Which weapon?
Foil is typically used for beginners but nowadays epee or sabre may be used instead. Once you have mastered basic attacks and defence you can soon move on to another weapon and eventually decide which one or more you wish to progress with.

Contact us.
If you want more information or want to join us e-mail John Haynes or phone on 01684 540594 giving your name, contact details, and age group. Alternatively contact any of the committee.

John Haynes, E-mail: john@one4all.plus.com